Kevin Chavira Fishing in Chest Waders

Captain Kevin Chavira

Kevin has been fishing the Kenai Peninsula waters since he was a junior in college at U.C. Davis where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.

In addition to being a saltwater charter captain, Kevin has become one of the top fishing guides on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Kevin is an expert on all 82 miles of the Kenai River fishing all 3 sections of the river. All summer he’s targeting incoming bright kings, sockeyes, and silvers entering the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. In the fall you can often find him targeting those elusive 30″ rainbows on the upper Kenai River.

In his off-time he can often be found fishing the salt waters of the Kenai Peninsula, fishing for halibut in Cook Inlet, digging clams across the inlet on the shores of Polly Creek, and backpacking the Chugach National Forrest.

Kevin graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Civil Engineering. 

During his time at U.C. Davis, he ran track and specialized in the 800 meter. He was also the president of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, known as the AGR’s, which is a social and agricultural fraternity.

Kevin grew up in Fresno, California where his parents and family still live, and attended Bullard High School. 

Nick Garret & Patrick Enslow With Kenai River Silver Salmon

Fish All Fifty

In 2022 we were extremely proud and excited to be a part of an epic fishing journey. Due to the covid crisis, and the fact that Clemson University decided to go entirely online for the year, two young men decided to take a gap year and attempt to catch the state fish in all fifty states. Something we’re pretty no one has ever claimed to have accomplished before.

Daniel Balserak and Luke Konson came to Alaska with their dads and called upon Captain Kevin to help put them on the Alaska state fish the king salmon. But not just any king salmon, they wanted to catch the crème de la crème of king salmon – A Kenai River king salmon. 

Kevin Chavira helped both young men catch and release two beautiful Kenai River Chinook Salmon just hours before the fishery was officially closed by fish and game due to low return numbers. 

Kevin Chavira In The News

Kevin’s exploits have been featured several times over the years throughout Alaska’s news channels. Check out some of the information below and watch the stories on catching Kenai River silver salmon, and even how he was called upon to help two young anglers catch legendary Kenai River king salmon on their quest to catch the state fish in all 50 states.

Fish All Fifty

Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing

Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing

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